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I run a PAC outsourcing service that also is involved with grassroots advocacy. I work with software that can link your members with their legislators. The software also have the capacity of a website interface where members can log in to find out who their state and federal legislators are based on their home address. Then the member can send an email to those legislators. It is a powerful tool for grassroots advocacy. Finally, it also has legislation and vote tracking.
With your network, my experience and this software, the community would be able to track legislation that is important and respond to it immediately. I haven't seen any pro-pitbull organization try to use a tool like this. Let me know if you have a similar tool in place. If not, let me know if you are interested in talking. My staffie rescue, Daisy, is an amazing dog and has made me think long and hard about how I can use my knowledge and resources to end BSL, over-breading and irresponsible pet ownership.