Lauren Brown
Sis is home from college and he couldn’t be happier he missed her so much
Yeaa they always got these special ways they sleep!! Lol such characters...
Darc Neves ft. Odin
LMAO that is the sweetest thing : )
The day at the beach,
Jess Wellman
My little foster Abigail. She has a fracture on the top of her skull from 'blunt force trauma'. 2 of my babies showing her so love❤️
Darc Neves ft. Odin
That's just horrible! I hope she's doing better. She's got you and yours : )
Bruno H Burrell
Emily Adams
Mayhem and Chaos
She's doing it again, isn't she?
Michelle Gomez
Our little family is expanding!
Vicki zupko
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cdv_photo_006 by Melissa martinez