4years ago I adopted a pit mix that was abused. When I first brought her home if I opened a soda can se would run and hide. Now after 4 years she is very brave and silly, but if she sees or hears kids, she begins to shake really bad and get terrified. She pulls on the leash to get away or if in the house will run and hide in the bedroom. I have nieces and nephews that she is around a lot and they know to just ignore her and do very well with that. Even if they stay the whole weekend she never relaxes. I have tried everything, the thunder shirt and the hormones collar. When we are on walks I don't let her hide behind me and try to get her to face the world saying the whole time as we walk by the kids, "good girl. That's very good Eve." Then after we pass them give her a treat, but by then she is so scared she won't take the treat or even favorite toy. So does anyone have suggestions for helping we get over her kids are scary issue?
WhT happens if the kids try to gently play with her while you hold her or are right there to let her know it's ok?
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