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Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ from my baby girl Bella!!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all my kin folks !!
Oh my goodness look at how adorable this angel is 🥰
My big boy 😘❤️❤️ Sambo!!!
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My baby girl😘❤️Bella !!!
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shared a few photos
OMG!! I just my two babies!!! Bella and Sambo!!!
shared a few photos
Oh yea enjoying the Lake Life!! Have a beautiful day!!!
Oh yea lazy Sunday funday!!
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Bella is ready to go in but brother Sambo says nope! Lol!
Ok guys.. you win.. little more time lol My dad said they look like sleeping cows 🐮 lol
Hahaha! They kinda do... my friend calls them land hippos. 🤣
Right ? Lol oh how funny !
You’re dads right sorry but it’s funny
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