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Just chillin..
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FAMILY! ❤️❤️
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Cali as gotten so big señor the last time you posted a pic of her
Hi Norma. Do you remember the friend that you had that was named Tank Herrera
Hello 👋 yes she has grown ..
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Hi, would like to introduce myself I am the newest member of the pack and my name is “Cali” Stay tunes more pics to follow.
Tank Herrera
Hi Cali... You are so cute and are in a very good home
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After a big day at the lake with mom and dad it’s NAP time! Then wake up and eat and then more nap time .
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Time for a bath !! Mom and dad said I smell like a fish 🐠 lol
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Having a great time !! Jet skiing with my dad ❤️
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Tank Herrera
Wow... your dog is very brave. I was very scared when I went on a jet ski
Yes she loves it!!
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Bella ready to go jet skiing!!
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Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ from my baby girl Bella!!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all my kin folks !!
Oh my goodness look at how adorable this angel is 🥰
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