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Crate buddies
Doing it But Not Digging it. A idea of a crate is a safe place for a dog to go to ,or a place you put with a time out.either way it's a place of there's .just saying . Great tempered dog :) .Not Trying to be a Dick just putting that out there . Have a Nice Day
A crate should never be used to put a dog in time out. Btw, our pit treats our grandson like one of her puppies.
Pit love and babies
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Be the first person to like this
Why do we never see this awesome breed in any pet commercial?
Zoe M. schonert
Good question!!
shared a few photos
These two are in love.
Cutieees :)
shared a few photos
Family finally moved from South Carolina to Phoenix . We now have our awesome little grandson and a new addition to the family dog pack. Bentley the handsome chocolate pit terrier. Nyah and bentley b...View More
Love these rainy phoenix saturdays!
Our Nyah then and now. Just shared her story
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