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Wouldn't trade them for anything!
Jess Wellman
Hahaha we all sleep in my bed. Gets pretty cozy and warm! And thank you!!
Abbeyy Alexiss Brown ♡
Little Duncan is getting so big!
Michelle Gomez
I love this!!!!!
Jess Wellman
Duncan has done amazing. I was so afraid I was going to lose him when he got brought into my work. He was so sick.
Abbeyy Alexiss Brown ♡
Poor little guy! Well he's beautiful! They all are :)
Elysia U
Pit bulls are like potato chips, you can't have just one or two (or three or four) haha. They are such pretty putties and so very lucky to have an awesome owner!
Elysia U
*pitties. Apparently my phone hasn't learned pitbull speak yet haha
Jess Wellman
Hahaha thank you! I'm a lucky owner. :) they're truly great.
Kylee barham
Love them !
Jess Wellman
Thank you :)