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We love our little pitbull rescue so much. Although we are not sure what to do she has terrible separation anxiety and drools a lot. does anyone have any tips? We talked to our vet about it and she ha...View More
Darc Neves ft. Odin
I've been using vetri science composure liquid max. it's a calming formula and works really well as a daily support for Odin's separation anxiety. worth a try! I ordered it from Amazon. spoke to my vet and he didn't have a problem with the product and it's use : ) good luck
Melissa Griffin
Thank you! We are going to give it a try:)
Bex & coco
I kno it sounds really random but what worked for coco & her separation anxiety was her thunder shirt it's what she wears when fireworks are goin off it helps keep her anxiety low when she's left & it did work I think u can get them on Amazon