November 1, 2014


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Pulled a tick off of her about 4 days ago. Over the phone the vet said title go away but I'm still scared. Thoughts??
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Jessica Mellen-Graaf
It looks like Lymes disease. One of the biggest indicators is a sore that looks like a bullseye. I would call your vet and send them a pic.
Alexis J Caldwell
It looks a lot like Lyme :(
Jessica Carson
I have pulled ticks off before and all but one did I have a problem with. It left a spot just like this on Bella. it was directly on the back of her neck. All of her hair around the area fell out and it healed in about a month (took a long time). This was about 4 months ago and her hair just complet...View More
Shannon,Maddix and Diesel
try some Vaseline
Becca Reynolds
I would go to the vet. Better safe than sorry. If it is Lyme disease (which I hope it isn't) it is better to catch it early
Penelope Ann Marmion
definitely worth a veterinarian visit. keep us updated