So my 2 yr old Glitter is on restricted movement as she tore her CCL. What stimulating activities can I do with her inside to substitute the hikes we used to take?
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Nikki and Dysis
Would using a laser pointer be too much for her? Dysis loves chasing after it, or now that she's gotten lazy she will just lay down and wait for her to be able to "dig" at the floor for it. Might get boring for you after a while, but I used to have to put it away because she wouldn't stop playing with it.
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Yeah she can't run around. When I pick up the leash to take her out to pee, sometimes she gets so excited she runs in circles and hurts herself to where she limps :(
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Chelsey Hilscher
Sometimes just training things will tire them... My pup has a tennis ball addiction and we have her stay in place(her dog bed) she cannot come off place unless we say so and we work on bouncing the ball and throwing it around ... It will tire her out not being able to break place to get the ball. Sometimes just the command place Is tiring for them. Anything ghat makes them have to think lol
Jessica holland
I've heard good things about flirt poles! Haven't got one for my pup yet, but plan on it.