For everyone who has asked about this, we are aware there is a slight glitch when uploading photos and it's very easy to upload 2 or 3 of the same photo if you aren't careful. In the meantime until we get this fully fixed, you can avoid this by only hitting the Done button ONCE when uploading your photo. If the bar gets to 100% and it doesn't automatically take you back to your feed, DO NOT hit the Done button a second or third time. Instead, hit the post status button in the top left of the screen and then refresh your profile and you should see your uploaded image. This is the best way to avoid the duplicate and triplicate posts until we can get the glitch completely fixed! Now, so that everyone sees this post, if you have read and understood it, just comment below and let me know that way the entire community sees this post and knows what to do! Thanks to everyone who has joined so far