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Alright guys and gals, Lovabull is doing really well today with over 675 new members since 9:30am EST today! If you're a member here and love what you're seeing, this is only the beginning of what our powerful community will do together!
Here's a few steps to take now if you love your Lovabull best friends to get started on the right track with Lovabull:
1. Make sure your profile is completely setup. Profile pic, cover photo (must login on the web from a computer at to complete this step) and all of your information.
2. Start friending our new members and interact with them! Like and comment on their photos.
3. Start sharing your own content! Photos, statuses, stories in the Forums, other important items you can add to our forum categories!
Remember, the key to us creating a HUGE positive voice for change for these misunderstood friends is a consistent positive voice! And we can only do that through your stories. So stay active, stay positive and stay engaged with what we are doing here.
Who's excited for where we're going this year and beyond?? Let me here you in the comments!
AND... for those of you who love the fact that you're the FIRST ones in this community, we would love for you to go and leave a review of our new app in your respective app stores! Positive reviews will help the world see what we're doing here and what we want to accomplish together
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