Nami Means Wave
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Hi everyone I'm Tiana and I own a beautiful brindle Pocket pit named Nami. She's scared of bags and loves to cuddle! I'm new to luvabull ߘ
Luis R
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Hello my name is Luis and I am new to lovabull as well. I have a 6 month old (born dec24) razorsedge pitbull that I named Zeus.
Kelly McGinnis
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Hi there! We're new here also. Murphy is my big staffie mix. Justice is my lil guy, we were told he has some bully in him along with jrt. They're my loves.
Jessica Rivas
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Hey guys I am the Pittie Express Messenger Coordinator with My Pit Bull is Family and wanted to give you some information about this organization! We are uniting responsible pibble owners and supporters by giving them stickers to stick on their cars! Our goal is to get 1 million stickers on cars cross country, we even have some already in Europe!, by June 2015! Our mission is to help pit bull owners find friendly housing so their families do not have to be broken. If you know of or need this assistance please visit to submit or look up information. If you have any questions or want more information please contact me through my other social media or Avon site as follows: Jessica Rivas #c2crep FB URL: C2CREP
Carrie Pontius
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My baby boy breutis beefcakes gets the worst cases of happy tail. His tail looks nasty and it just bleeds and he thwaps his brother and he gets all bloody to. We've tried bandaging, taping, new skin. I'm at a loss. I don't want to dock his tail and I hate not letting him inside cause he's bleeding and it gets worse in his kennel! Help!!